The winner of the 2011 Clunes Ceramic Award was Phil Elson for his work, In the Shadow of Gehry’s Golden Fish. Phil Elson’s work was be acquired by the Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum for the Permanent Collection.

A High Commendation was presented to Irianna Kanellopoulou for her works Berry Boy and The General.

Emerging Artist’s Awards were presented to Ruby Pilven for her work Confinement (Archive), Leanne Barbaro for Innner Peace and Cinda Manins for her work Floe. The work of Cinda Manins and Leanne Barbaro will also be acquired by the Art Gallery of Ballarat for the Permanent Collection.

The People’s Choice Award winner is Sophy Blake for her work Conversations.

Winning Artist

Phil Elson - In the Shadow of Gehry's Golden Fish


Phil Elson, In the Shadow of Gehry’s Golden Fish, 2011
Porcelain, wheel thrown and high fired
Collection: Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum

High Commendation Award

The General


Irianna Kannellopoulou, The General, 2011
Hand built, slip cast and altered.
Courtesy the artist

Berry Boy


Irianna Kanellooulou, Berry Boy, 2011
Handbuilt, slipcast and altered
Courtesy the artist

Emerging Artists

Confinement (Archive)

Confinement (Archive) - Ruby Pilven


Ruby Pilven, Confinement (Archive), 2011
Silk-screened porcelain tiles, wood type-press draw, magnifying glass
Courtesy the artist

Floe - Cinda Stevens


Cinda Manins, Floe, 2011
Courtesy the artist

Inner Peace - Leanne Barbado


Leanne Barbaro, Inner Peace, 2011
Wheel thrown, altered and saggar fired
Courtesy the artist

People’s Choice Award Winner

Conversations - Sophy Blake


Sophy Blake, Conversations, 2011
Courtesy the artist