2021 Clunes Ceramic Award

It is with much disappointment that we must provisionally postpone the 2021 event until February 2022. This decision is based on on-going COVID restrictions.

Despite granting an extension time for entries, the number of submissions has been significantly reduced by restrictions on studio use, shortage of class clay, inability to get artwork professionally photographed and physical limitations of movement placed on ceramic artists. Possible transportation problems, also generated by COVID restrictions, may occur and some sponsorships have unfortunately been affected by COVID regulations.

Current COVID restrictions are varied across all states and lockdowns are managed in different ways. As such, physical attendance may be in doubt or limited and a physical exhibition is essential for both artists and judges, as well as for visitors and collectors of works of such high value.

We anticipate that revised dates will be distributed widely around November/December 2021. Entries that have already been submitted will be retained as valid entries for February 2022. If artists wish to replace their entry, that will be permitted. To protect all entrants, full refund of entry fees* will be provided in the event of cancellation due to lack of entries or a snap lockdown in February. This refund safety net means that artists can support the Awards knowing their fees are protected.

New entries can be submitted under revised entry dates advertised towards the end of 2021.

We are very keen to have an exceptional in-person Award and exhibition, as are our sponsors and the viewing public.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all involved to date – our ceramic artists, judges, volunteers, sponsors, and the people of Clunes who are working to present a high-quality event on par with past Awards.

Thank you for your understanding.

Creative Clunes Board & Staff

Clunes Ceramic Award Committee & Volunteers


*Full refund of entry fees only, excluding any postage costs incurred by the artist. Refunds will only be offered if the event is cancelled due to failure to meet minimum entry numbers or a snap lockdown. Refunds will not be offered for a change of mind.